Gerald Witherspoon
United States

Bio: I am a Philomath and Polymath soliloquizing international affairs! I am not interested in trying to separate religion and politics, but examining both through International Relations theories and the discipline of Christian Apologetics to postulate seeded correlations. By identifying patterns within conclusions drawn from expertly researched opinions, the process of aggregation yields the highest potentiality for validating the merit of such conclusions. Then such conclusions, once aggregated, will work synergistically to provide a competent theoretical model for examining global issues and extracting universal truisms. The achievement of a degree in Psychology (3.9 GPA) several years ago enhanced my understanding of individual personality characteristics as well as biological, environmental, and other behavioral influences. Later, I conducted research on International Relations thru American Military University (3.9) where I honed my research skills around micro-level and macro-level analysis of the political, social, and economic (with an emphasis on criminal) behavior of individuals and organizations at the local, national, and international levels. I have studied the formation, structure, leadership, missions, alliances, and effectiveness of international organizations including but not limited to the UN, IMF, WTO, ILO, ICC, OECD, Word Bank, international criminal organizations such as the Yakuza of Japan, Sinaloa Cartel, Sicilian Mafia, and terrorist networks such as al Qaeda and Daesh. I have studied the will, motivations, and the political and economic objectives of state and non-state actors ranging from presidential leaders and universal plenipotentiaries to local drug dealers to NGOs and IGOs to international war lords in an International Relations context. My research has spanned more than 100 countries and has concentrated on Human Security and Globalization. Participation in the Model UN and various other types of presentations before agencies and organizations including the White House, Department of State, United Nations, NSA FBI, CIA, DHS, and others substantiated my ability to effectively draft policy proposals and make recommendations toward effective solutions and implementation. The views contained on this site are not necessarily the authors, rather known belonging to anyone else. Nor do they reflect the breadth and width of the research conducted. They are simply a reflection of soliloquies and iron being sharpened.

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